New Let`s Cope With Cloze Tests

Deniz Göktepe Salttürk

Esperanto is what is called a planned,artificial, language. İt was created more than a century ago by a Polish eye doctor Ludvvik Lazar Zamenhof. He believed that a common language would help to alleviate some of the misunderstandings among cultures.İn Zamenhof`s first attempt at a universal language, he tried to create a language that was as implicated as possible. This first language included words such as ab, ac, ba, eb, be, and ce. This not results in a vvorkable language in that these monosyllabic words, though short, were not easy understoodto retain. Next, Zamenhof tried a different way of constructing a simplified language. He made the vvords in his language sound like words that people already knew, but he simplified the grammar tremendously. One example of how he simplified the language can be seen in the suffixes: ali nouns in this language end in o, as in the noun amiko, which means `friend,` and ali adjectives end in -a, as in adjective bela, vvhich means `pretty.` Another example of the simplified language can be seen in prefix mal-, vvhich makes a vvord opposite in meaning; the vvord malamiko therefore means `enemy,` and the vvord malbela therefore means `ugly` in Zamenhof`s language…

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  • New Let`s Cope With Cloze Tests

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