Pride and Prejudice-Stage 6

Jane Austen

The center of the novel is a poor noble family which lives in Longbourn, a small English village. Mr Bennet is distinguished by his intellect, sarcasm, and good humour. His wife, on the contrary, is silly and careless. They have five daughters, each of whom has her own temper and intelligence. Jane is distinguished by her beauty, kindness, and innocence. Elizabeth, in her turn, is clever, witty, independent, and noble. Mary spends all her time with books, while Catherine and Lydia are very careless and stupid. All of a sudden, two gentlemen break into their calm life. They are extremely opposite to one another, and they are best friends at the same time. Mr Bingley is a cheerful aand romantic young man, while Mr Darcy is proud, cold, and distant. All worries, experiences, and main characters` discoveries begin with this moment.

Mutual affection and respect arise between Mr Bingley and Jane immediately. But the relationship between Mr Darcy and Elizabeth develop in a very complicated way. Elizabeth`s frankness and Mr Darcy`s pride confront each other all the time. As a consequence of this, they fall in love with each other without realizing it. The main characters go through many troubles, trials, and obstacles, in which they discover their true feelings, deficiencies, and mistaken prejudices. Will they ignore their pride and prejudices to be happy with a person they love so ardently? Their happiness and love depend only on them. Hard decisions require determination and boldness, but love requires more than that.


Hamur Tipi : 1. Hamur

Sayfa Sayısı : 144

Ebat : 13 x 19,5

İlk Baskı Tarihi : 2020

Baskı Sayısı : 1. Baskı

Dil : İngilizce

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  • Pride and Prejudice-Stage 6

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