Encyclopedia of Turkey`s Famous People (3 Kitap Takım)

İhsan Işık

ENCYCLOPEDIA OF TURKEY`S FAMOUS PEOPLE (3 Volume)İhsan Işık put his signature on 18 volumes of encyclopedias in Turkish and in English so far. In İhsan Işık`s encyclopedia named `Encyclopedia of Turkey`s Famous People` which is published in English in 3 volumes, around 1,500 famous people who were raised in Turkey`s cultural and political hinterland are being introduced.İhsan Işık has chosen these names among around 2,000 famous people included in the Turkish encyclopedia named `Turkiye Unluleri Ansiklopedisi` which was published 6 months ago in Turkish.The `Turkey`s Famous People` included in both two encyclopedias are chosen in 6 areas which are 1- Turkey`s Famous People, 2- Famous Scientists, 3- Famous Intellectuals and Literates, 4- Famous Men of Letters, 5- Famous Artists and 6 – Famous Women.The Turkish encyclopedia was published in these 6 categories as 6 volumes; and the English encyclopedia these names are presented together in 3 volumes in alphabetical order.In the selection of the names included in the encyclopedias a survey was conducted with the academicians and freelance writers, and among around 10,000 names the most important ones were found; comprehensive and accurate information was collected about them and their biographies were written with a flowing style.Knowing that we have respected famous people in various areas and how they achieved this success will increase the self confidence of our youth at the beginning, and their motivation increasing in this respect will allow them to write their own succes, s stories.

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  • Encyclopedia of Turkey`s Famous People (3 Kitap Takım)

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