A Communicative Syntax of English

Ömer Şekerci

Features• The book does not merely impart knowledge of English Syntax. Rather, it trains students to think about language as a medium for expression, to understandhowit`works`.and `shows` howthesegrammaticalfactscanbe usedfor proper practicalpurpbses;• it has made the sentence the basis throughout, examining phrases. ctauses, and clause elements as its naturally coherent btocks;• Easy to use and understand, the book is prepared for graduate and advanced undergraduate students who intend not only to sharpen their skills; more advanced learners will also find it useful for their research programs and procedures;• As a ready reference, the book can help graduate students locate and correct theirproblemswithorwithout the help of ateacher-supervisor;• Communicative values of the syntactic level ımits are dealt with particularly as they relate to problems with the language use. Clearly focused 3-level approach to sentence combines with a real understanding of how they interact andwhatfactorsworkinmakingcommunicationpossibleandunderstandable.

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  • A Communicative Syntax of English

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