India and Iran-Relations in Twenty First Century

Mukhtar Ahmad Bhat

The two countries India and Iran are among the oldest civilisations of the world and their relations are not new. The relations between the two are of centuries old and it is also said that the two nations belong to a same family that lived for many centuries in the pasture land of Central Asia (Oxus Valley). The centuries old mutual interaction enriched each other customs, tradition, art, and architecture. During medieval period their interaction increased to such a level that it left a permanent stamp on each other`s culture, tradition, art and architecture. During the period, India became the second home of Iranian culture, art, architecture, festivals and art of gardening. Even Persian language was made a tool of communication not only in the official matters but also as a means for interchange of thoughts, culture and literature between the two countries. There is a long list of important books related to different aspects of life like astronomy, art, health and hygiene, history, mathematics, unani-medicine, music, and religion which were translated. However with the emergence of British rule over India, both the countries lost their linkages and contacts between them. No doubt after the end of British rule in India both the countries tried to develop their relations but the incidents like creation of Pakistan, emergence of cold war, and Iran`s recognition as well as support to Pakistan during India-Pakistan as well as emergence of Iranian revolution, and Iran-Iraq war restricted their mutual cooperation. With the turn of twenty first century, both the countries experienced stability in their both domestic and global affairs which led them to economic development. In contemporary times India and Iran occupies great strategic significance in their respective regional power structure. India is not only one the fastest growing economy of the world and of the south Asian region but also provides a big market. While Iran on the other hand, occupies great strategic importance not only because of its geographic location but also due to its energy resources.

The present study is a modest attempt to analyse Indo-Iran relations. Keeping in view the past, present and future prospects of the relations between the two countries, a thorough study has been carried out in terms of understanding the nature of India and Iran relations. The study aims to understand the different dimensions of India and Iran relations of recent times. It not only deeply analyses the areas that strengthen their bilateral cooperation, and the influence of external powers particularly of US and Israel. But it goes further deep by discussing in detail the areas that would led to inter- regional integration by interconnecting South Asia, Central Asia, West Asia and Europe. And ultimately would take the regional economic development and peace to new heights. The study highlights the strategic importance of Iran for India not only with respect to the availability of energy resources and market for Indian goods and services but also Iran is would play a very significant role in transforming India into a new emerging power at both global and regional level. Keeping all these things in mind the book has been based on six chapters which deals with different aspects. The chapter first presents the historical overview, chapter second present comparative study of principles of foreign policies of both the countries. Chapter third, deals with the areas of cooperation and conflict between India and Iran. Fourth chapter discusses the influence of external powers on India and Iran relations. Chapter fifth studies the India and Iran relations in changing regional scenario. Despite non-availability of primary sources, efforts have been made to collect important and relevant data and special attention and care has been taken for the reliability of the sources of data which has been put to analytical study to arrive at certain conclusions.


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  • India and Iran-Relations in Twenty First Century

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