International Migration and Refugees İn The 21st Century-A Perspective Of Turkey

Hasan Hüseyin

Turkey is a country at the heart of global and regional crises as well as the migration incident, which is a fundamental characteristic of human history. In accordance with its history, culture, and social fabric, Turkey has been home to the world`s largest immigrant/refugee/asylum-seeker population. Humanitarian aid provided to these migrant groups, which make up about 5% of the country`s population, makes Turkey the largest donor country. In the particular case of Turkey, migration is not only a matter of identification and classification, but also a multidisciplinary phenomenon that needs to be addressed within the framework of understanding.

This work produced by scholars from 16 universities in six different areas in theoretical and applied studies (such as History, Public Administration, Law, International Relations, Education, Economics, Sociology, Health Services, Geography, and Communication) discusses at length the phenomenon of migration in Turkey by combining historical and current views.

This book, examining the phenomenon of migration in multidimensional terms from the window of the 21st century, contributes to the relevant literature together with the dynamism of the collective power in scientific production and reveals the historical mission of Turkey.


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  • International Migration and Refugees İn The 21st Century-A Perspective Of Turkey

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