Breathing The Rhythm of Success

Viola Edward

Full of inspiring details on how to boost your potential, this book will guide you in the discovery and transformation of your paradigms and limiting thought habits. Transform your daily experience into a celebration of life as you become aware of your purpose and align it with your future vision in terms of both your private life and professional activity.

"Knowing who Viola is, and experiencing the clarity of her dreams, can but lead one to accept her as a source of true inspiration. The peace that emanates through her work, her coherence and the love that expands through her are more than sufficient for this book to be a true source of higher consciousness.
Carlo s Fraga
Social Communicator and Author

"What I most highly value about this book is the experiential intensity of all of the concepts that the authoress intuitively and systematically puts forward in it. I am certain that, by putting them into practice, each and every one of us can be successful in the process of personal growth."
Neida Guasamucan
Transpersonal Organisational Consultant

"Viola Edward, with her great capacity for leadership and outstanding professional ability in the knowledge of human behaviour, uses her intelligence and effectiveness to give a new approach to the dizzying world of organisational consultancy."
Armando Hernande.
Genera! Director of Encyclopaedia Britannica, currently Barsa Planeta Venezuela

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ISBN No 9756130148
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Sayfa Sayısı 112
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  • Breathing The Rhythm of Success

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