1915: The Armenian Genocide

Hasan Cemal

Hasan Cemal is a journalist, not a historian. And this book was not written as a historical study. This book is, in a sense, Hasan Cemal`s personal journey regarding 1915 and the Armenian Question. Hasan Cemal had first written in 1999, in his book titled ‘No One Should Get Mad, I Wrote Myself` about how his political views had changed over time and which sources had nurtured this change, or in other words, about his ‘political autobiography`, and in this book, he had also subjected himself to genuine self-criticism. In this book, as Hasan Cemal recounts in a self-critical style how his position regarding 1915 has changed over the years, he also tries with his usual sincerity, to shed light on both the ‘lost history` and the ‘invented history` of Turkey…

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  • 1915: The Armenian Genocide

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