Approaches Methods and Techniques in Teaching Writing


Writing is a problem to many of the students and teachers in our schools. Every person in a society needs, to some extent, to write. They sometimes have to fill a form, write notes; especially students in the school life have to prove their knowledge on the exam paper. It is the same for the Turkish students of English at high schools and English departments. Therefore, EFL teachers should know the methods and techniques to help students write.We tend to compile this book for Turkish EFL teachers since teaching a subject is more important than knowing it. We have examined the most common methods in writing and discussed their advantages and disadvantages for our Turkish students of English. Sometimes, we have presented a model paragraph or a composition in order to better illustrate the method or technique.In addition to methods of writing, we have also presented the common error correction techniques for the ease of the EFL teacher. Because, correcting errors is a great problem for them. If the language teacher does not know how to deal with this problem, he may, instead of encouraging, discourage the learner. We have also produced an error chart for the Turkish students of English by examining their composition papers.Asst. Prof. Dr. Şahin GÖK          Istanbul, 2017 Istanbul Gelisim University,School of Foreign Languages

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  • Approaches Methods and Techniques in Teaching Writing

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