Bartleby The Scrivener

Herman Melville

Bartleby is a law clerk on Wall Street who one day refuses a demand from his startled boss with the words `I`d prefer not to.` Over time, he prefers to do less and less, confounding the lawyer, until at last he is taken to prison, where he refuses to eat.- The Paris Review There are very few stories that, on re-reading after re-reading, seem to become impossibly more perfect, but Herman Melville`s eerie, aching story Bartleby, the Scrivener is one such. Like a parable without an obvious moral, it is defiance raised to the metaphysical.-The Guardian

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ISBN No 6052073360
Baskı Sayısı 1. Baskı
Sayfa Sayısı 48
Cilt Tipi Karton Kapak
Kağıt Cinsi Kitap Kağıdı
Ebat 13.5 x 19.5 cm

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  • Bartleby The Scrivener

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