A Turkish-English Dictionary For Turkish And Foreign Learners

Doç. Dr. Abdu

Turkish is one of the major languages in the world spoken by hundreds of millions of people in Europe and Asia. It is the official language of Turkey. Although many people study Turkish either in Turkey or abroad today, there is not a dictionary especially compiled for learners of Turkish as a foreign language. This dictionary has been produced to meet such a need. Therefore, it is more of a learners` dictionary whose primary aim is to help students of Turkish who not only try to understand but also produce the language. Turkish is a rich language with more than a hundred thousand words. Learners` dictionaries are not expected to cover all the words for practical reasons because ordinary people or the educated for that matter normally use no more than a few thousand words. This dictionary covers most frequently used 4456 words. A clarifying sample Turkish sentence is provided together with its English translation for each meaning. These sample sentences are invaluable in that they help the learner to see the syntactic properties of words in addition to their denotations.

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  • A Turkish-English Dictionary For Turkish And Foreign Learners

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