Pleasant Talk About Fruits Flowers and Farming

Henry Ward Beecher

`The apple-tree is the common people`s tree, moreover, because it is the child of ever y latitude and ever y longitude on this continent. It will grow in Canada and Maine. It will thrive in Florida and Mexico. It does well on the Atlantic slope; and on the Pacific the apple is portentous. Newton sat in an orchard, and an apple, plumping down on his head, started a train of thought which opened the heavens to us. Had it been in California, the size of the apples there would have saved him the trouble of much thinking thereafter, perhaps, opening the heavens to him, and not to us. Wherever Indian corn will grow, the apple will thrive; and wherever timothy-grass will ripen its seed, the apple will exist fruitfully.`



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  • Pleasant Talk About Fruits Flowers and Farming

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