Surpass Student Book-1

Danielle Bass

Surpass is an inventive six-level series tor adult and young-adult English learners. It helps students master the skills that are essential for everyday conversation, academic study, and real-world workplaces. Surpass allows learners to express themselves confidently. Key features: A Well-Balanced Curriculum - Surpass provides comprehensive practice in listening, speaking, reading, and writing for a well-rounded approach to language learning. Students can receive vocabulary and grammar input from the content and integrate it into their English usage.

Systematic Unit Structure – Students will complete various activities based on the topics, giving them extensive exposure to the target language. Each unit is specifically designed to lead to the target outcomes.

Engaging Activities - A variety of engaging questions in each lesson prompt students to talk and write about their own thoughts and experiences as they practice what they`ve learned.

Focus on Functional Language - Students learn authentic and practical language that is directly applicable in real-life situations through 20 topics related to student life. Step-by-Step Approach - To help students achieve each lesson`s objectives, the activities break down each goal into several small steps. This approach allows students to easily follow along and complete the tasks.

Components for Students

• Student Book with MP3 Files
• Workbook
• Online Practice

Components for Teachers

• Teacher`s Book
• lnteractive Whiteboard Material
• LMS [Learning Management System]


Hamur Tipi : Kuşe

Sayfa Sayısı : 130

Ebat : 21 x 27,5

İlk Baskı Tarihi : 2019

Baskı Sayısı : 1. Baskı

Dil : İngilizce

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  • Surpass Student Book-1

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